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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Hospitality and Tourism has launched an inquiry into ‘Coasts and Waters.’ The UK’s coastline plays a vital role in the economy, history and culture of our country -  particularly in our town. 


They also provide popular tourism hotspots, areas of natural beauty and employment for thousands of people countrywide. This inquiry will take a holistic look at both coastal and lakeside regions.


The timing is crucial; tourism is highly seasonal, and its wider ecosystem depends on having significant numbers of people visiting. Local businesses such as pubs, restaurants, visitor attractions, shops, gardens and many other businesses depend on domestic and inbound tourism to stay afloat. COVID-19 has ravaged the sector this year, with a protracted recovery period a certainty.


It would be incredibly helpful if you could answer the short survey/6 questions below/attached in order for us to put together a response on behalf the Southend Tourism Partnership. The deadline is Sunday 16th August.


If you have any questions please email

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