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New three-tier system of local lockdowns for England

A new three-tier system of local lockdown measures for England has been announced to try to curb rising COVID-19 rates.

The move, planned to come into force on Wednesday 14th October 2020, is aimed at simplifying the range of different COVID-19 restrictions that were already in place across various parts of England.

The Local COVID Alert Levels - "medium", "high" and "very high" - will be implemented depending on local infection rates. The government has released a full list of areas and which tier they fall under.

What are the rules for the different tiers?

Tier 1 - Medium

  • 10pm curfew for bars, pubs and restaurants

  • Gatherings of more than six people banned, apart from some settings such as funerals and weddings

Tier 2 - High

  • Mixing of households indoors not allowed

  • Two households can meet in a private garden - rule of six and social distancing rules apply

  • Pubs and restaurants remain open, but no mixing of households inside and 10pm curfew

Tier 3 - Very high

  • No mixing of households indoors and outdoors, including in private gardens

  • Pubs and bars to close

  • Restaurants, and pubs that can operate as restaurants, allowed to stay open

  • Local politicians will decide if gyms, betting shops, casinos, hairdressers and beauty salons should close

  • Non-essential shops, schools and universities to remain open

  • Avoid non-essential travel

  • Travel outside area advised against

Status in Essex is currently.... Tier 1 - Medium

#COVID19 cases in Essex are now increasing rapidly. To combat the sharp increase and flatten the curve of infection before it puts strain on our hospitals and economy, Essex leaders have asked that the County moves into the new ‘Tier 2 - High Level’ restrictions as soon as practicable.


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