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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed huge challenges on the night time economy as the profound effect of the quarantines, lock-downs, social distancing and travel restrictions applied across the globe took hold. Preparation is vital for a smooth transition as we gradually re-open our venues and play our part in the national economic recovery. 

Southend Tourism Partnership has launched ‘Southend Safe Night’ and drawn up this advice in order to help the local night time economy plan for recovery. The aim is to help you get your business, venues and workforce ready so that together we can safely encourage and re-welcome visitors back to the town.

The Government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines are the legal requirement to adhere to make your business secure.

You must also carry out a COVID-19 individual risk assessment in line with the HSE guidance to demonstrate compliance and understanding of the Government COVID-19 safety requirements and measures you are taking to comply with them.

A template COVID-19 Secure risk assessment is included in the related downloads below, to act as a guideline for own risk assessment of your business.

Once you've completed your checklist and risk assessment, email them to us at hello@southendtp.co.uk and, once they've been checked by local enforcement bodies, we'll provide you with your #SouthendSafe Kite Mark and poster.


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