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Some frightfully good fun is in store for families and visitors this autumn when the Southend Halloween Parade returns on Saturday 29 October 2022. 

The fantastic parade, now in it's second year, will feature a whole host of spooky local and national acts, creating a fun, family evening that'll finish with a fireworks finale, courtesy of Southend BID.

The Halloween Parade wouldn't be complete without the involvement of our local community though, which is why we want you to get involved! Whether your dance troupe can spook-up and join on foot, or your company wants to decorate a float, as long as you're positively Halloweeny the more the merrier!

If you’d like to apply to be part of our Halloween Parade, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible.

There's a £100* deposit for all entries, which is payable once your application has been accepted. It's just to make sure we don't get any no-shows, and we're left with a half-empty parade! 

*Deposit is 75% refundable after the date of the parade. Refunds will be made within ten working days. The other 25% will go towards facilitating the parade. Once you've been accepted we'll forward a weblink to make the payment. Your place in the parade will only be confirmed once payment has been made. 

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​Rules of Entry

  1. All entries must be Halloween themed and illuminated.

  2. The theme of your entry must be family friendly.

  3. Only one vehicle per entry.

  4. All floats must have a safety rail on all open sides (for safety reasons) the entry could be refused entry to parade if no safety rail/if safety rail deems to be unsecure.

  5. Person in charge of entry is responsible for their group’s safety if on board a float.

  6. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and if under 10 and onboard float/lorry they must be seated for their safety.

  7. All entries must be able to pass under the pier (16ft).

  8. Driver view must not be restricted.

  9. All cables for power or decoration must be secure at all times.

  10. If entry has vulnerable adults/children, at least one person must have a DBS check.

  11. If you have power on your entry you must have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on board.

  12. No skates/ kangaroo legs /tractors.

  13. All entries must have 2 designated stewards who must attend a briefing at 16.00pm on the day at the parade muster point. These designated stewards must also take directive if needed during the event from the event stewards.

  14. All drivers of a vehicle must be insured to drive in the parade, and must provide a copy of their insurance certificate and driving licence on the day.

  15. If your vehicle is being rented, 2 people must be insured to drive it.

  16. All entries must have a risk assessment completed; this can either be emailed before the parade to culture& or provided on the day of the parade to the control desk.

  17. No alcohol/drugs are allowed to be carried on the vehicle or consumed during the event. Any participants found to be doing so will be taken out of the parade. Random searches will be done by designated stewards/police/security and all items will be confiscated.

  18. No persons are allowed to jump on and off the vehicle while it is moving.

  19. Nothing must be thrown off of a vehicle into the crowd. This must be done by people that are walking for safety reasons.

  20. All participants must be at the parade muster point between 14:30 and 16.00.

  21. Road closures will commence from 16.00 until 20.00 so movement will be restricted.

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