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Kickstart Southend

What is Kickstart?

The Kickstart scheme is part of the Plan for Jobs programme, the Government’s programme to give young people the best possible chance of getting a job.

It is a £2 billion fund to create high-quality six-month work placements for people aged 16-24 years old, who are not working and are claiming Universal Credit. This will help young people develop skills and gain experience to find work after completing their placement.


Selected out-of-work young people, who are currently on Universal Credit, will be offered six-month work placements, for 25 hours a week.

Through the scheme businesses will be able to access a large pool of young people ready for an opportunity in the world of work. The young person will be supported by their Job Centre Plus Work Coach to apply for the most appropriate roles for them.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is a Kickstart Gateway, meaning they can communicate on your behalf with the Department for Work and Pensions regarding Kickstart placements and payments. They also provide additional training and support to the Kickstart employee.


The Government will be covering 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week for each young person, plus associated employer National Insurance contributions and employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.

As a part of Kickstart Southend, businesses will receive a £800 grant at the start of the placement to cost their onboarding costs. The wraparound support for the Kickstart employee will be arranged by Kickstart Southend, including employability support, and information about progression opportunities.


Employers from all industries in the private, public, and voluntary sectors can take part in the scheme. Currently we cannot accept applications from Sole Traders

As the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will use information from HMRC to check that the young person is in employment. The grant funding to pay the young person’s salary will be paid monthly in arrears. Kickstart employees must be paid via PAYE.

The job placements created with Kickstart funding must be new jobs. They must not:

•replace existing or planned vacancies •cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment

The roles you are looking for must be:

•a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months •paid at least the National Minimum Wage for their age group •should not require people to undertake extensive training before they begin the job placement


If your business goes through the Kickstart Southend, we will deliver a comprehensive wraparound employability skills and support package for young people that meets the requirements of the Kickstart funding, freeing up employers to focus their attention on the Kickstart employee being effective in the workplace. As a part of Kickstart Southend, businesses will be asked to contribute £700 of their Kickstart Grant towards these training and support costs.

This training will be provided by Southend Adult Community College and placements will need to take part in online classes at least once a month. Additional resources will also be made available to the Kickstart employee outside of the online classes.


Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is a Kickstart Gateway that helps local organisations set up Kickstart roles and make applications to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on their behalf. If you are interested in using our service, please register interest here. Using our service means that your Kickstart placement will take part of our wrap round support with Southend Adult Community College.

Once the registration form is completed, we will send the information provided to the DWP for approval. The DWP performs due diligence checks on all employers using the Cabinet Office Spotlight tool.

Once approved by DWP, Southend Kickstart will be back in touch to discuss your Kickstart Job Description(s) and the next steps.


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