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Southend-on-Sea City Council announces inaugural Window Wanderland festival

Southend-on-Sea City Council is thrilled to unveil plans for its inaugural Window Wanderland festival, set to illuminate windows across the city in March.

This festival promises to transform windows across our city into vibrant canvases adorned with captivating art, colours, and lights. Window Wanderland, a globally acclaimed project celebrated for its enchanting window displays, will be an exciting addition to Southend, fostering community unity, combatting social isolation, and igniting the spark of creativity.

Councillor Derek Jarvis, cabinet member for arts, culture, heritage, and leisure, said: "We are thrilled to introduce Southend-on-Sea's first Window Wanderland. This initiative embodies the essence of community spirit, encouraging neighbourhoods to come together, celebrate creativity, and brighten our city's streets.

"It's an opportunity for everyone to participate, connect, and revel in the artistic expressions that will hopefully adorn many windows across the city. For that weekend, our city is our canvas!

"While decorating windows is an integral part of Window Wanderland, the essence lies in exploring our city together. We encourage everyone to venture out, wander the streets, and witness the creative displays by our residents." 

Window Wanderland invites participation from all corners of our city, from individual residences to shops and offices. Participants are encouraged to unleash their imagination, illuminating their windows with unique displays during the festival, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases. The event aims to bring joy to communities, irrespective of artistic ability, fostering connection and collective enjoyment.

Simple materials such as tissue paper, tracing paper, fabrics, or paints and pens can be used to create displays. From intricate designs to playful silhouettes cut from black paper or even colourful arrangements of clothing, the possibilities for creativity are endless. As the event approaches, Southend-on-Sea City Council will share tips, ideas, and inspiration from previous Window Wanderland celebrations worldwide.

The Window Wanderland festival takes place between 22-24 March and we want the whole city to be a part of this incredible community project.

Visit the official website for full details and some creative inspiration, and to sign-up to join this artistic movement at:


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