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Southend is a popular seaside destination that welcomes over 7 million visitors a year.

Enjoy Summer in Southend
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With seven miles of coastline and an insatiable desire by today’s discerning tourists for more, we've been working to help increase the value of tourism to the local economy since 2016. 

As part of this work, the business community and public sector have come together to create Destination Southend; a Destination Management Plan (DMP) that will solidify our vision and lead us over the coming years. By  sharing a set of goals and the means to achieve them, Southend will stay ahead of the competition during the uncharted financial and social changes we face after the global pandemic.

Southend was built on tourism, and Destination Southend will help position the city for future generations, providing jobs, wealth and an attractive place  to live, work and visit.

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